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There are lots of programs out there to choose from, but none compare–Head To Toe is one of the best programs I have seen for our children

Sandra Vasquez / Director – Growing Tree Learning Center II – Jersey City, NJ

We are proud to offer the Head To Toe program to our families. Most importantly, the kids love it!

Leanne Collins / Director – Montessori Academy

Friendly Instructors

Qualified Instructors

Experienced Staff

Educational Programs

Healthy Lifestyle

Social and Connected

My kids love Head To Toe’s Gymnastics and Yoga classes because they’re fun filled, action packed, and taught by genuine, caring, and involved instructors. I enroll my kids session after session because I love that they are learning physical, social, and cognitive skills in an engaged atmosphere that fosters their confidence as well as their growth and development. In my opinion, Head To Toe is a perfect complement to their school’s curriculum. Thank you Head To Toe!

Jen Novak / – Parent of Mia & Sascha

I’m very pleased to recommend Mr. Hans and the Head To Toe program. Head To Toe’s programs were introduced to The Growing Tree Learning Center II over 6 years ago and has been a great success. It is one of our enrichment programs offered at our center.As the director of The Growing Tree II, I often encounter parents looking for fun and stimulating activities for their children. In addition to our daily activities, Head To Toe has been a great addition to our curriculum. Head To Toe is a high energy and engaging program that promotes fitness and learning in a fun and playful way. It is a wonderful program to have in any center for preschoolers. I highly recommend this amazing program.

Sandra Vasquez / Director – Growing Tree Learning Center II – Jersey City, NJ

Having Head To Toe at Jimmy’s birthday party was great! The kids had a wonderful time. A bunch of our friends asked if they could have you guys do a party for them as well. Thanks again!

Joanne & Frank Hammond / Parents

Jayden loves Gymnastics and Soccer, and now he really wants to try Karate! He absolutely loves your classes and looks forward to them every week. Sometimes it’s the only way he goes to school…because he knows he will have an awesome time In Gymnastics and Soccer. Thank you for your awesome programs!! Can’t wait for this session to start. Thank you so so much!

Wanda Portnoy / Parent

“We have had Head To Toe at our school for over 5 years now. While other programs have come and gone, Head To Toe has been conducting their program the entire time. When you get to know them, it is clear why this happens. They have become a part of our school—their reputation with our parents and children is incredible. Our families trust them as they trust our own teachers. We are proud to offer the Head To Toe program to our families. Most importantly, the kids love it!

Janine Bennett / Center Director, Bright Horizons

Head To Toe was a great addition to our summer camp. It was great to have them in addition to our normal activities. Soccer Skills was a hit, we’ll definitely be setting up classes for next summer!

Donna Plecsia / Activities Coordinator, Municipal Summer Camp

It is with the highest confidence that I recommend Head To Toe. Their programs are high-energy and engaging, and they promote fitness and learning in a fun, playful way. Children are active participants in gross motor games that encourage turn-taking and listening skills in a non-competitive environment. I am particularly impressed with their instructors. They present as physically fit, encouraging, and inspiring. Their enthusiasm for the children and the activities is contagious and every child and teacher involved feels included, important, and capable. Their staff understand when to encourage a child to try something new without making them uncomfortable. Be it Yoga, Gymnastics, Karate, Soccer Skills–all of their programs are well-planned and comprehensive. It is by far one of the best programs I have seen in my 17 year tenure at Head Start. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this fantastic program!

Karen S. Fruman / MS Ed & Special Needs Specialist, Head Start

We’re so happy to have Head To Toe’s programs offered at our school. It gives our families a diverse offering of programs and they’re a great compliment our school’s core curriculum. Best of all is the turnkey enrichment solution–Head To Toe works closely with us and handles all of the details!

Brian & Maria Nelson / Owners – Goddard School

Their reputation with parents and children is incredible…we are proud to offer Head To Toe programs to our families.

Center Director / Bright Horizons

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