Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

I just signed up now, when will my child begin class?

They will be added to the roster in real time, and will participate in the next class taking place at your school. Even if you enroll 1 hour before the class start time, we will make sure your child attends.

How long are the classes?

Classes run for either 30 or 45 minutes, depending on the school’s schedule. Most schools choose classes that are 30 minutes long. Your child’s exact class time slot depends on their age and ability.

What is the academic year enrollment option?

This option allows you to enroll in our program for the full school year (September to June). Your child’s spot in class is reserved and we bill you before each session (i.e. Fall, Winter & Spring). This option also entitles you to discounts and is an easy way to ensure your child gets the benefits of our programs for the whole school year at the lowest price. There’s no need to fill out the form more than once, either.

What if my child is shy or hesitant to participate in class, or if I'm not sure if they will like it?

We make our classes fun, safe and non competitive. Children are never forced to participate, we let them engage at their own pace.

In some cases it may take a few weeks to acclimate to class. This is part of the learning process! In any case, we offer a satisfaction guarantee–if your child doesn’t like class, we refund all of the unused classes.

Do you offer trial classes?

Yes! Free trials are offered for all of our programs. If you would like to have your child try a class, contact us and we will add them for a trial to the next available class with no obligation to enroll if he/she doesn’t enjoy it.

Does my child need to wear any special clothing for class?

Children should wear comfortable and flexible clothes, like anything they’d be comfortable wearing on the playground. For girls, please no skirts or dresses unless they wear leggings underneath. For boys, avoid tight jeans or pants. And for boys & girls, sneakers/comfortable shoes are best.

Do you prorate the rate if I enroll after the start date of the program?

Yes we offer prorated enrollment, just sign up on our website and the price you pay will reflect only the classes your child will attend. If you need custom prorating, contact us and we can accommodate vacation schedules or planned events before you enroll.

What if I move or change schools before the classes have come to an end?

We offer a full refund of the remaining classes if your child can no longer participate in our program.

What if my child is too young or just doesn't like the class?

This rarely happens, but if the program isn’t a good fit we are happy to refund all remaining classes.

What if I want Head To Toe classes at my child's school, but they are not currently offered there?

We are happy to bring Head To Toe activities to any school. Please contact us (maybe have “contact us” be a hyperlink for contact) for more information. We offer free demo classes for new schools and will offer a free session to your child as a thank you for bringing our program into a new school or facility.

What do I do if my child missed a class?

They are welcome to join another Head To Toe program, or participate in an extra class, if possible. We don’t offer credits for absences. For extended absences, contact us and we can make arrangements.

How do I know if my child is doing well in class and find out what they’re learning?

We send a class update once per session via email, and post periodically on the parent page for your school. These updates include photos and descriptions of what we’re working on in class, and what your child is learning. For individual feedback, contact us and we’ll put you in touch with your child’s instructor.

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    Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

    What are Head To Toe online classes?

    Head To Toe Online Classes are interactive live video classes for children. Classes are held through Zoom and can be conducted anywhere you like. Children get to interact with their Head To Toe instructor as well as their fellow students. 

    How do I join an online class?

    Download – Zoom Client for Meetings – to access your class on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

    No account or profile needed!

    Once enrolled, you will receive a Meeting ID and a link to join the class to your provided email address.

    How will the online class work?

    Classes will be operated through the Zoom platform. Head To Toe will provide participants prior to the start of class with an access link via email. 

    In order to participate in the Online Class you must be enrolled in the class, and have a WIFI connection and WIFI enabled device.

    In order for our instructor to see the participants and to further assist with individual skill building, the participant must have a video camera. If participants do not have a video camera they will still be able to see our coach and participate through audio.

    Is there a recommended device for online classes?

    There is no “recommended” device for our online classes. You can use a desktop computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone. The only requirement is that your device has video and audio capabilities so that we can interact with the students.   

    Can I stream the class from Zoom to my TV?

    We recommend a desktop computer or tablet to get the best interactive experience in terms of seeing your coach and your teammates but there are several options available to connect to your TV.

    1. USB cable
    The latest smart TVs with USB ports and phones with USB should support mirroring with a cable. Try plugging your phone in with a USB cable.

    2. HDMI cable
    You can mirror your device to your TV using a compatible HDMI cable (the cable must have lightning or USB, and HDMI components).

    3. AppleTV
    You can mirror your phone screen to your Apple TV using Airplay.

    4. Samsung SmartTV
    If you have the Samsung Smartview app installed on your iPhone, you can use this to cast to your Samsung TV.

    5. LG Smart TV (2019 or newer)
    Mirror your screen using Airplay.

    6. Chromecast
    For Andriod  – cast your phone’s screen through the Google Home app.

    For iOS – you can use a third-party app, such as Streamer for Chromecast, to cast your phone screen to your TV.

    7. Amazon Fire TV or FireTV Stick

    Go to the “Settings” tab on your Firestick and move to “Display & Sounds” tab
    In the “Display & Sounds” tab, scroll down to “Enable Display Mirroring”
    Click on “Enable Display Mirroring” to make your Firestick ready to accept casting through other devices.

    Do I need any equipment for my child to participate?

    There is no equipment needed for children to participate in online classes. Our instructors will utilize common household items as a replacement for the equipment. Items such as pillows, carpets, rolled up clothing, rope, and more will be used during certain lessons. 

    How much open space does my child need for class?

    Lessons are created with small spaces in mind, a 5×5 ft area is all you need. Most living rooms, playrooms, spare bedrooms should have more than enough space. 

    Are the classes recorded?

    Yes, classes are recorded so children can review the lessons afterwards. These recorded sessions can serve as refreshers or for children to go back and do the class again or become on-demand content for those who were not able to attend the live class.