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Fall session

Welcome families! We thank all of you who participate in our classes and help make these programs a great success. We look forward to keeping your children healthy and active.

Martial Arts

The Martial Arts program focuses on helping children with listening skills and learning respect as well as physical skills & movements.

The warm up is a combination of watching, listening, and doing each movement combined with running drills. 

The rest of class focuses on karate techniques, calisthenics and a continued build up of skills that are combined to create more complex moves. 

Some warm-ups are :



Mountain climbers

Ladder drills

Running drills 

Jumping drills

Some of our learned karate techniques are:

Respect bow to teacher


Arm blocks (high & low)

Ready stance

High kick

Obstacle avoidance


Coordinated movements help the students gain a sense of structure and teamwork. We introduced this with choreographed movements to music. During one part of the song, the children wave their hands above their heads back and forth. For the next part of the song, they move their arms to each side of their body. These simple motions are the building blocks for more complex movements and combinations.

Activities Covered:

  • Agility drills
  • Crawl across the floor
  • Jump to music 

Sample class – Youtube

Fun Home Activity – play freeze dance with your child. They really love this one! Use the video below as a guide. Dance, hop, skip, twirl–all with freezes in between when you stop the music. For their freestyle dance, ask them to wave hands in the air, and then side to side.

How to: Youtube – freeze dance


For this session, we have been refining our Soccer skills. We’re excited to see all of the progress made by our friends at Mile Square Jackson. All of our little ballers are getting a great workout while learning new moves and terms. Our feet have never been so active. We learned what part of the foot to use for different types of kicks. We also learned that in soccer we never use our hands to move the ball, feet only! We can’t wait to learn more together!

Skills we’ve covered

  • Dribbling
  • Trapping
  • Parts of our Feet
  • How to Kick Slow/Fast
  • Shooting a Goal
  • Navigating around cones

Equipment Used

  • Cones
  • Agility Ladder
  • Mini Soccer Balls
  • Pop up Goals


This session we have really gotten the hang of Gymnastics skills and learned how to use them on different equipment! We have made awesome progress as a groups and we are happy to see our little Gymnasts doing so well. Some of the skills we have learned are:

-Balance Beam Walking

-Hurdle Jumps

-Hurdle Crawls

-Forward Rolls

-Balance Drills

-Tuck Jumps

-Monkey Jumps (over a mailbox)

-Proper Landing (on our feet)

& More!

Every class begins with stretching/warm-up as a group. We learn a new skill every week. After skills we do “Aerobics to Music”, where we get to dance as a group while experiencing new moves like standing pikes, horse gallops, skipping and more! Before class is over we play a game together, like popcorn or rocket ship with our parachute. And of course no class is complete without a Stamp 🙂