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Fall 2021

Welcome families! We thank all of you who participate in our classes and help make these programs a great success. We look forward to keeping your children healthy and active.


The karate program focuses on helping children with listening skills and learning respect as well as physical skills & movements.

The warm up is a combination of watching, listening, and doing each movement combined with running drills. 

The rest of class focuses on karate techniques, calisthenics and a continued build up of skills that are combined to create more complex moves. 

Some warm-ups are :



Mountain climbers

Ladder drills

Running drills 

Jumping drills

Some of our learned karate techniques are:

Respect bow to teacher


Arm blocks (high & low)

Ready stance

High kick

Obstacle avoidance



We learned the importance of stretching and warming up before any & all exercises. Some of the stretching we have learned is:

-Jumping Jacks

-Push Ups


-Knee Hugs

-Toe Touches

-Table Top

-& Many More!


We have learned all kinds of Gymnastics skills & movements, such as:

-Monkey Jumps


-Straddle Jumps

-Hurdle Jumps

-Box Jumps 

-Balance Beam Walking

-Leg Raise on a Balance Beam

-Straddle Mount 

-Forward Roll


Each week we get some great exercise during “Aerobics to Music”. During our music, we reinforce running, jumping, landing, balancing while being aware of our surroundings and each other. 


When our friends do a really great job in class we get to play a game together. So far our favorite game has been “red light green light”

We end every class with a quick recap and of course we each get the very important Head To Toe stamp!